Where to place a wet room in a new build is an important consideration of planning and design. Wet rooms are no longer just constrained to a solid floor. They can be constructed anywhere – including onto timber floors – thanks to the advances in the design of wet room drainage and waterproofing methods.


Drain fitted into the floor

Timber floor wet room installation will require the removal of the floorboards before anything else is installed. Following its removal, a wet room deck can be fitted, and the drainage systems and waterproofing membranes can be installed.



Waterproofing, also known as ‘tanking’ is a vital part of wet room construction. It can be effectively carried out through the application of an impermeable waterproof membrane that is designed for use across the whole shower floor area prior to the application of tiles. It is recommended that the membrane is installed across the whole bathroom floor or at a minimum of 1 metre beyond the shower area.

Wet room tiled



Wet Room Tiling (to British Standard BS5385) Tiles are one of the most popular options for wet room flooring. They look good, are easy to keep clean, and offer plenty of scope for design in a wet room. Textured tiles can help to ensure maximum safety while using a wet room. Natural stone tiles, mosaics, sandblasted or flame finishes are good options because they provide more friction and a secure feeling underfoot. 

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