Heat pumps

Renewable Heating

Heat pumps and solar thermal systems are low maintenance compared to other traditional heating systems. There are many advantages of installing a modern renewable energy system, from cost savings, to a cleaner energy providing a better future for our children.

Cutting out fossil fuels

The use of a renewable heat technologies like the heat pump greatly reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. An alternative that is also a sustainable way of heating the house and hot water.


Accreditation delivers confidence in the various certificates provided. 

Renewable Heating Annual Servicing


Renewable energy

Air Source Heat pumps (ASHP) generate energy from the air, heat is absorbed in the refrigeration cycle and delivered to a storage tank for circulation around the house. Underfloor heating requires lower flow temperatures than radiators making it the perfect combination for heating your home.


Ground source heat pump idea

A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) is a system that harnesses the natural heat from the ground using pipes buried in the garden.

The pump circulates a mixture of water and anti-freeze through these pipes, known as a ground loop and this heat can then be used to heat everything from radiators, underfloor heating, warm air heating and hot water in your home.

Intelligent control


To control on a daily basis your home temperature, settings can be done anywhere at any time via the Online Controller app. This online controller allows adjustment of home comfort levels to suit individual preferences while achieving further energy efficiencies.



 Installing ground or air source heat pump technologies means you will qualify for Renewable Heating Incentive payments for 7 years. 

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