Ground source heat pump in Doncaster

A heat pump works in a similar way to a fridge – simply the other way round.

Heat pump plan

During this process, the Vitocal 350-G reaches temperatures up to 70 °C the Vitocal 300‑A and the Vitocal 350-A up to 65 °C. These heat pumps can therefore also be used for modernisation as they can provide a sufficiently high flow temperature for central heating with radiators.  

Heat pump in doncaster and surrounding area.

VITOCAL 300-G heat pump. A two-stage version is available for high heating outputs.

Ground source heat pump

As a brine/water heat pump, the Vitocal 300 draws heat from highly efficient heat sources. For this purpose, a geothermal probe, a Vitofriocal ice store system, or a geothermal collector is installed on the property. In all these cases, the heat pump covers the entire energy demand, even on colder days.

As an alternative, depending on the location of the house, it may also be possible to utilise the heat contained in groundwater. In this case, the Vitocal 300-G is simply configured for operation as a water/water heat pump. It can be used for new build and modernisation in detached houses and apartment buildings.

VITOCAL 222-G Compact brine/water heat pumps with DHW cylinder

Viessmann Boiler

Complete and extremely compact – Vitocal 242-G and Vitocal 222-G heat pumps are fully equipped with all the components required for DHW and central heating. With heating outputs of between 5.9 and 10.0 kW, they are designed for use in detached houses, and flow temperatures up to 60 °C mean they can also be used with conventional radiators